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Are you wasting the dental benefits you’ve already paid for in 2016?

Paying for healthcare can seem confusing and wasteful. Premiums, deductibles and exceptions can make the head spin. But the end of the year is coming, which means it’s time to make sure that you’ve used the benefits you’ve already paid for. Do you have a good grasp on what is already covered in your dental healthcare plan for 2016?

Each year insurance companies make millions of dollars off patients who forego necessary and preventive dental care.  Many individuals who are paying for dental insurance do not realize that their plans provide up to a certain dollar amount annually.  That means certain services will be no cost to you.

Because of misunderstanding, some patients are not scheduling the dental treatment they need, deserve, and have insurance to cover.  Thus, the insurance revenues allocated to pay dental claims on many patients are never used, and unfortunately those dollars cannot be carried over year-to-year.  The bottom line:  What the patient does not use they lose.

Suffocating medical and insurance bills are bad enough; make sure you’re not wasting a cent. And speaking of money, remember that regular cleanings prevent future problems, which can cost a lot. A covered cleaning today can prevent an expensive procedure later.

Also consider your flexible spending account or your health savings account (HSA), if you have them. Flexible spending accounts generally have a designated time frame to use the money. Many companies provide funds to HSAs, but many employees aren’t sure if they can use those funds for dental work. You can! Don’t wait on needed dental work if the funds are available now.

Dr. Larsen’s In-House Dental Benefits Plan

Dr. Larsen is an experienced dentist who understands the importance of prevention when it comes to oral health. To help patients stay on top of their oral health, he provides a dental benefits plan. Patients who choose the plan play a flat yearly fee, and for it receive two cleanings & exams, one set of x-rays, two fluoride treatments and a significant discount off all dental services and procedures. Call our office today to learn more about how this plan can help you and your family stay healthy and save money.

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