Broken and decayed teeth must be restored. Alpine general dentist, Dr. Larsen, recommends tooth-colored fillings for best aesthetics. Traditionally, dentists used amalgam fillings made of metal and mercury. Amalgam is very durable, but it stands out and requires significant enamel removal. There is also a concern about the potential toxic effects of mercury vapor to the body and environment.

A safer, modern solution is tooth-colored fillings. These natural-looking restorations are made of biocompatible materials like composite resin, glass ionomer or ceramic. Because they mimic the properties of real enamel, the material blends with your natural teeth seamlessly. Unlike amalgam, tooth-colored fillings also react like real teeth and strengthen the existing structure.

Durability is no longer an issue with modern bonding techniques. Now you can have tooth-colored restorations that last long as metal or amalgam fillings. And there’s no need to worry about the possibility of mercury vapor leaking out. Consider other benefits of tooth-colored fillings:

Minimal enamel removal. Amalgam fillings rest on the enamel and do not bond with the tooth’s surface. The enamel has to be hollowed out to accommodate the metal. Tooth-colored fillings adhere directly to the tooth, so the structure is preserved.

Safe alternative. Tooth-colored fillings are mercury-free and safe for the body and environment. There is also minimal to zero tooth sensitivity after the procedure.

The Procedure

Restorations usually involve more than one office visit. After checking your mouth and matching the filling to your natural teeth, Dr. Larsen prepares the tooth for filling application. Local anesthetic is used to numb the area so you don’t feel any pain. The dentist then removes decay and cleans the area. The tooth is exposed to a weak acid, and bonding agent is applied to create a strong connection between the filling material and enamel. The filling is placed carefully in layers, shaped, and hardened. Finally, the filling is trimmed and polished.

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