Read What Patients Have to Say

Dr Larsen is incredible! After getting my veneers I have more confidence and feel more beautiful than ever! I am always treated so well when I come into the office. Dr Larsen and his team are the greatest! I used to be self conscious of my teeth, now I love showing them off. I’ve never felt better about my smile.


I have been visiting Dr. Larsen for the past two years. Originally, I went to him for extensive dental work which needed to be addressed including crowns on implants, gum health issues, and old fillings. Dr. Larsen provided excellent council and guidance regarding the very best way to approach each of these issues in order to achieve my desired results. He was always quick to respond to my many many questions and concerns. In the end, it is gratifying to have so many people compliment my new whiter, brighter smile.


I just want to express to you and your staff how much (we) appreciate all that you have done for me. When we are complete with the balance of the work, I will have a full set of teeth for the first time in over 30 years. Other dentists have tried but you are succeeding. My niece referred us to you and that was the best thing for us. We appreciate your friendly and caring staff. Since coming, we have brought my daughter’s family, and my brother and wife. Your latest technology was one of the points that attracted us. Thank you for everything.

How Cool! I catch myself smiling more. Thanks for the new smile!

We wanted to take a moment and thank you for making our 4 year-old daughter’s first experiences at the dentist office so pleasant. She was nervous and apprehensive about her first appointment. Deb, the hygienist, put her at ease right from the beginning. She explained, very vividly, each and every tool she was using and when taking photos of our daughter’s teeth, she even took time to take a picture of our daughter’s ladybug bracelet, which our daughter thought was pretty neat! She left the office thinking the dentist office was fun and an exciting place to go. That evening when I was encouraging her to brush her teeth better she said, “No, it’s ok, Mommy, I like going to the dentist!”

We were delighted that the exam and cleaning had gone so well, but worried about how she would do when having cavities filled on a return visit. Apparently, much to our surprise, having a shot, your teeth drilled, and fillings done, are just as much fun as an exam and cleaning!!!

When Dr. Larsen entered the room I was worried about how our daughter would handle the shot and work that needed to be done. Surprisingly enough, she did not even flinch when Dr. Larsen gave her the shot. He was so incredibly gentle with her and kept her mind off everything with his calm, soothing voice by telling her stories, making her feel special by taking a sincere interest in her, and even counting in Spanish while completing the fillings. We are convinced a gentler dentist cannot be found. We are so very impressed with not only the process of the procedure but also the finished product.

We thank you all! Keep up the good work. You are all doing a great job. WE feel privileged to have found such an outstanding dental practice to keep us in such great dental health.

Every licensed dentist may be trained in his profession but you can’t license in pleasant bedside manner or assure state-of-the-art equipment, friendly intelligent staff, and a natural artistic expertise of the dentist. Dr. Larsen and staff have it all. Because my teeth are nearing the 6th decade of life, I want them to stay looking good as long as they can, and I think I’ve found the dentist and office that provide this for me.

Thanks for the great work done for Kristen! It looks fantastic! Her wedding was great, thanks to you!

Thank you so much for the great care you have provided to me and my family! I couldn’t be happier with the way we’ve been taken care of! Your professionalism and great expertise is phenominal! I recommend everyone to you because I think you’re awesome! You’re great with kids, which makes going to the dentist a good experience. After my boys went to their appointments my youngest son begged for his turn to go! Thanks again! I appreciate it immensely!

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the attention and good service I received while I was having my dental work done. It was a friendly atmosphere, it was close to painless, it was expertly done and looks and feels great.

Wow! Amazing, awesome and wonderful work on my “new” favorite tooth! My thanks to Dr. Larsen and (staff) for my crown! This office is full of great people… THANK YOU!