At Elevated Family Dentistry, our dentist and team are focused on helping you make the most out of your visit and keeping your appointments timely and efficient. When you visit our office for treatments such as a dental bond, veneer, sealant or composite filling, Dr. Garon Larsen will use our high-speed curing light in Highland, Utah. These lights help your dental work cure, or harden, quickly and form a strong and durable bond. The curing light not only helps to ensure that the bond is secure and will hold up over time, but also makes sure that the bond it is uniform and adheres properly at all points of contact between your dental work and your tooth. In addition, our curing lights will make your appointment faster and easier, so you can start enjoying your new smile sooner.

Because of our commitment to your care, we want to do everything we can to make your appointment convenient and comfortable. If you would like to learn more about how our high-speed curing light can improve your visit and your smile, call 801-756-4440 today to plan your visit with us.

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