dental crown highland utahDental crowns are caps used to restore a tooth that is severely damaged by decay, disease or trauma. Alpine dentist Dr. Garon Larsen recommends a crown if the tooth is thin or too weak to support a tooth-colored filling. Crowns are versatile restorations that play many roles. They hold a broken tooth together, strengthen a weak structure, and protect the tooth from the elements.

Crowns can hold a fixed bridge in place, cover dental implants, and restore a tooth after root canal treatment. Crowns are also used to improve your smile’s appearance. Full-coverage crowns from your Alpine cosmetic dentist hide severe discoloration, change the size of a tooth, and close gaps between teeth.

Beautiful and Long-Lasting Dental Crowns

Metal, porcelain and composite resin are common materials for making crowns. Metal is known for its strength and durability, so it is used to restore teeth that receive the most force (molars and premolars). However, all-metal crowns are obvious and can cause adverse reactions in patients with metal allergies. Your Utah dentist offers metal-free crowns as safe, inert and biocompatible restoration alternatives.

At Alpine Dental Care, we use only the best dental materials that look natural and won’t harm your body. Our porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays are just as strong, durable, and effective as metal restorations. Best of all, metal-free crowns keep your smile white and beautiful.

Porcelain crowns are made from accurate impressions and photos of your mouth. The lab technician designs a crown that fits perfectly and matches the look of your natural teeth. If you have an old metal crown with a porcelain covering, you may notice a dark line near the gums. Metal-free crowns prevent this problem; they look great not just after placement but for years to come.

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