A Brighter Smile With A Regular Dental Cleaning

Just cleaning your teeth whitens them by two shades

There will come a day (maybe it was yesterday), where you will look in a mirror and smile, and you won’t be happy with the color of your teeth. Don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world, and getting your smile to a brighter shade isn’t a big deal.

So now we’re going to talk about different teeth whitening options, right? Well, teeth whitening can have some great results, if you’re using the right technique and materials. But the first step in getting your teeth whiter is actually just to get a cleaning done. That’s right, just a regular, 6-month check up and cleaning will do wonders for the color of your teeth.

When we walk out of the office after a dental cleaning, our smile feels cleaner and brighter, right? Well, it doesn’t just feel that way. You’ve gotten rid of yellow plague and tartar, and your teeth actually are whiter, up to two shades whiter.


When you clean something, it gets brighter. It’s true for the kitchen sink, and it’s true for your teeth. So why doesn’t my smile get whiter after I brush my teeth at night?

Well, getting rid of plaque probably does keep your teeth whiter, actually. But over time, the plaque is going to build up and the shade is going to darken. A dental cleaning will more thoroughly clean off plaque and tartar, meaning the true color of your teeth is more visible. Furthermore, we’ll do a polishing, which further buffs off imperfections.

Light stains on your teeth are often removed by a regular dental cleaning.

So why do teeth whitening?

While a good cleaning will whiten teeth by a couple of shades, a teeth whitening procedure will whiten them even more. Those looking for a brighter result should consider whitening.

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Million Dollar Smile

My experience with Zoom! Teeth Whitening

By Allyson, of Alpine, Utah

When you want the best smile in the state, you head to Dr Garon Larsen, DDS, or so I’d heard. I’d even seen some of Dr Larsen’s work and thought the resulting smiles were beautiful. I wanted to have one of them.

Years ago, I had done in-home whitening and remember how many compliments I received. I remember feeling so pretty with a bright, white smile, and found myself smiling more, to show it off. With bright, white teeth, I felt young, fresh, and “alive!” Over the years, my teeth began to lose that pretty sparkle. My face didn’t seem to light up anymore, with that “wow” factor…I began to feel my age. Call it vanity, call it desperation, but just after my 43rd birthday, I decided to fight it head on. I scheduled my appointment for Zoom!

The day finally arrived. I showed up early for my appointment, and was briefed by the hygienist. She said there may be some sensitivity, and that they wanted to be on top of that, so she gave me a few ibuprofen, and I hopped into the chair.

What seemed only a few minutes later, the teeth were prepped, the mouth was stretched open with a crazy-big retractor, and the cool light-blocking shades were on. We were off and running!

There were three 15-minute sessions with the blue light. It was so peaceful and relaxing, that I had to force myself to stay awake, so my mouth didn’t roll away from the light. I felt one slight “zinging” sensation toward the very end of the third session, but other than that, no pain.

Then for the big moment, the big reveal. When they handed me the mirror, I could not believe it. They told me my teeth had lightened 5 shades. It was pretty incredible. They were so white. Talk about a million dollar smile! I was overjoyed. I feel like it took 10+ years off.

Dr. Larsen recommended taking another 4 ibuprofen that evening, to stay on top of any sensitivity, and to avoid eating anything that would stain a white T-shirt. I followed his instructions, completely. I had only minor sensitivity to cold, with a couple more “zingers” throughout that night. Nothing the ibuprofen didn’t quell.

So, you ask, is it worth it?

Unequivocally, yes! I love it. I am so glad I did it. I just feel better. Once again, I find myself smiling more! Not sure what it is about a white smile, but it really does light up a room, and make you feel better. I feel 30 again. Depending where you are, for a few hundred dollars, and about an hour, you will feel like a new woman. And the cool thing, it lasts about a year. We as women need to stop, take some time for ourselves, and just feel pretty.” I highly encourage Zoom whitening.


What Should I Get Mom For Mother’s Day? How About a Confident Smile

How About a Confident Smile

Mother, wife, grandmother. Will we ever forget the smile of the special women in our lives? Probably not. It’s a big part of the love, admiration and sincere caring we feel from them.

Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered if your teeth are the same shade as they used to be? Maybe they seem a little darker, maybe even with a touch of gray or yellow. This realization leads to self-consciousness, smile hiding and embarrassment. What a shame, especially for a mother, who’s smile means so much to so many.

Don’t worry! This happens to pretty much everyone with age. We use our teeth a lot, for eating, drinking and speaking, and over time, discoloration can occur. Teeth are very strong, but not invincible.

Aging results in bodily changes that can make us feel like we are falling apart. Joints hurt, we feel tired, and our teeth don’t have the same brightness they once did. Fortunately, there are some very reliable options for regaining some whiter color in the teeth.

Teeth Bleaching

Dental teeth whitening technology is excellent in 2016. We use a method that can change the shade of teeth on average of seven shades, with just one session in-office. It works with carefully controlled chemical processes and LED light.

Won’t my teeth hurt after bleaching?

Sometimes teeth are a little sensitive after a teeth whitening or teeth bleaching. Sensitivity toothpaste and chewing gum can help with this.

Mother’s Day Deal

Show your mom how much you love her this month! We are holding a ZOOM tooth whitening GIVEAWAY: 1 free in-office bleaching for a mother. Stop by our office to enter your mother’s name. Winner will be announced May 23rd.

Also, receive $25 off in-office bleaching for anyone who schedules bleaching in May! ZOOM bleaching is amazing! We are seeing an average of 7 shades whiter, in one in-office session of bleaching! You will love your new, whiter smile!

Get Thorough, Safe Whitening for Your Big Day

When you have a big event coming up, you want to make sure that you’ll look great for the camera! Chances are pretty good that you’ll end up in a photo album on social media or hanging on someone’s wall! If you aren’t perfectly happy with the color of your smile, now is the time to change that. With our in-office whitening availability, we can give your smile a dramatic makeover just in time for you to stand in front of that camera!

It’s tempting to run to the drugstore and grab some whitening in a box. It’s all the same, right? Actually, it’s not. Whitening packaged for a drugstore isn’t very strong, which means it will take quite a while to get results. When consumers get frustrated with the process and begin to whiten more often than they should, those consumers will experience negative consequences, like burning gums and very sensitive teeth.

The In-Office Teeth Whitening Experience

Rather than mess with whitening in a box, come into the office for a better teeth whitening experience! We use Opalescence Boost in our office because it actually works to make your tooth enamel stronger! You’ll see shades of difference after one appointment. We can also provide take-home custom trays when you need a quick boost of whitening. There’s no need for several appointments, bright lights, or any kind of magic whitening experience. We simply apply and remove!

Get ready to smile at your next big event with a brighter, whiter smile! You’ll feel much more confident, and it will be fun to surprise those that you haven’t seen in a while! Contact us today to set up your appointment, and let us know what big event you’re planning for! We can’t wait to help you have the smile of your dreams just in time!

Learn more about teeth whitening in Alpine UT.

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Options for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become such a common dental procedure that it’s really easy to go out there and choose one method that will suit your goal and budget. From simple whitening toothpastes to strips, gels, and custom trays, you can whiten your teeth at different shades and achieve that beautiful, bright glow you’ve always wanted.

If you’re considering teeth whitening, you can either choose a method you can do at home and at your own convenient time or go to your Alpine dentist for a professional, in-office whitening session. Both options can produce great results; it’s just that at-home choices often take longer than professional options when it comes to getting the whiter shade you want.

At-home Whitening

A great example of at-home whitening that you might be using already is whitening toothpastes. Whitening toothpastes contain a mix of mild abrasives, polishing ingredients, and chemical agents that remove stains on the surface of your teeth.

Another example is over-the-counter whitening gels and strips that contain a stronger whitening agent known as hydrogen peroxide. You can use the strips and gels on your own because they usually come with complete instructions on how to use the product and how frequently you should apply them on your teeth and for how long.

Whitening strips and gels usually call for about 2 weeks of straight usage in order for the person to see results. Of course the final results will still depend on how yellowish your teeth were when you began the treatment and if you were able to use the product as instructed.

teeth whitening alpine utahProfessional Whitening

If you can’t wait for several weeks or months to get the pearly whites you want, then you can go to your Alpine dentist and ask for a professional teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist may discuss two popular options: Zoom! Teeth Whitening and KöR Whitening.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening is a bleaching treatment using hydrogen peroxide. It usually just lasts about an hour and produces very good results. KöR Whitening is a deep bleaching approach that increases the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen then breaks down and dissolves hard-to-remove stain molecules.

Garon Larsen D.M.D. Advance Dentistry and Personal Care offers professional, in-office teeth whitening for faster and better results. Please call their dental office at 801-756-4440 to set an appointment today.