Get Your Student Ready For a New School Year

With summer’s end on the horizon and school beginning again, it’s time to bring the focus back to getting your child ready for the school year! The one thing you don’t want is for your child to feel uncomfortable with her smile when she walks into her new classroom this year! Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your student can focus on all the right things at school this year!

Create (or Enforce) an Oral Hygiene Routine: If you don’t remind them, they won’t remember! Research shows that it takes about 21 days to form a habit. Brushing and flossing habits are incredibly important, and if your student doesn’t have one in place, now’s the time to start!

Look into Dental Sealants: We often recommend dental sealants for children and teens because it is so common for them to get cavities! Discuss good eating habits, and if all else fails, sealants might be a good idea!

Schedule a Cleaning: One very important part of growing up with a healthy smile is getting routine dental cleanings. A cleaning will boost your student’s confidence, and it will give us a chance to make sure her smile is growing exactly as it should!

Make sure a dental appointment is on the back-to-school-to-do list for your student! They’ll feel more confident smiling, and you’ll rest easy knowing that you can focus on homework and other activities this fall! Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’d love to see you both soon!

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The Worst Candy to Put in Your Trick or Treat Bucket

Whether you are a parent walking the sidewalks of your neighborhood, or a friendly neighbor enjoying the costumes and brief company, we all know that Halloween is a dental nightmare for children! The amount of sugar that they will consume is mind-boggling! The effect on their little teeth is certain. Let’s all work together to create a better Halloween by limiting the amount of candy the children consume and making our candy choices more friendly to the teeth by avoiding the following!

caramel dental healthCaramels – Candy that contains caramel is going to do some damage. Caramel sticks to teeth and stays there, allowing decay to occur.

Sugary Gum – Sugary gum is not only load with sugar, but it keeps that sugar in your child’s mouth for hours. With every chew, it get stuck to your child’s teeth, feeding the bacteria that cause decay.

Chewy Candy – Chewy candy might seem like a good idea, until you realize that the particles of chewy candy will get lodged in every nook of your child’s smile. Some of it will never come out.

Suckers – The risk of suckers is similar to that of gum, it keeps the sugar in the mouth for a longer period of time. The entire time the sucker is in, your child’s teeth get a sugary bath.

Now, we are not the grinches of Halloween. We want your child to go out and have some fun, but for the sake of those little white teeth, limit candy consumption and be sure your child brushes and flosses after all of the trick or treating excitement! Contact us today for more information about how you can keep your child’s teeth safe during Halloween.

Procedures for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Millions of Americans put off dental appointments because of dental fear and trauma. This fear is often a result of unpleasant past experiences with dentists. They seek to prevent the unpleasant experience from happening again by avoiding the dentist. They do so at the expense of their well-being, since they would rather endure dental discomfort rather than visit a clinic.

This kind of avoidance has dire consequences. It aggravates dental problems and causes related health issues because it delays treatment. Putting off dental appointments can lead to permanent tooth loss, abscesses, gum disease and pain. These necessitate more complex and painful dental procedures.

There are many ways to circumvent dental anxiety. Patients can look at their options when it comes to sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is a practice wherein the Alpine dentist administers sedatives to the patient. This puts the patient in a state of deep relaxation. This calms them down prior to treatment, making it possible for them to overcome their anxiety through artificial means.

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective practice. The type of sedative to be used depends on the severity of a person’s dental anxiety, as well as the nature of the procedure to be performed.

Simple and routine procedures like dental fillings or tooth extractions only require light sedatives. However, invasive and complex procedures such as dental implant surgery require IV sedation.

Sedation dentistry makes it easier for dentists to perform procedures faster and more efficiently. This is because they won’t have to deal with interruptions from the patients while the procedure is on-going. For more inquiries, contact (801) 756-4440.

Your Child’s First Steps to Oral Health

Setting your child up for success begins from the beginning of life. There are so many theories and things you can and should do to prepare your child for their future, but there’s a lot of room for mistakes, too. When it comes to oral health, we’d love to see our patients taking care of their babies’ teeth right from the beginning. Here’s a list of simple ways you can make that happen in your household!

Caring for Baby Gums – From the time that babe is 3 months old, you should begin wiping her gums with a wet cloth in order to keep the gums clean for emerging teeth. You can continue this method through the first few teeth.

Flossing When It’s Time – As soon as there are teeth that are touching, you should be running a flosser between those teeth to remove bacteria. Be sure to keep it gentle!

Schedule a First Appointment – Set up a first appointment for your baby as soon as the time is right. That will vary from child to child, so give us a call if you’re not sure when that should be. We’ll count teeth and keep things very happy and fun for your little one.

We are here to help you take care of your family’s smiles. Dr. Larsen is an experienced family dentist. Let us know how we can help, and when it’s time to come in, give us a call! We’d love to see you and your growing family on a regular basis.