Bruxism and TMD Treatment in Alpine and Highland

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD are problems of the joints that control jaw movement. TMD is commonly caused by chronic teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism). Some people grind their teeth while asleep, while others do it unconsciously when stressed or under pressure. Whatever the cause, grinding can wear down and break teeth, and it puts extra pressure on the supporting structures.

TMJ treatment Alpine Highland UTIf untreated, the jaw joints become inflamed and the muscles are displaced. The nerves in the head are also affected. This is why people with TMD complain of head and neck pain, sore muscles, and clicking or popping sounds while chewing or opening the mouth. If you experience any of these symptoms, see Alpine dentist Dr. Larsen right away.

Treatment for Bruxism and TMJ Problems

At Alpine Dental Care, we help patients with bruxism and TMD using advanced diagnostic procedures and modern treatment methods. The goal is comprehensive care that aims to make your mouth, head and neck work together in harmony. Because many conditions share the same symptoms with TMD, it’s important to target the root cause and end symptoms permanently.

Your Highland dentist may recommend medications, stress management and mouth guards for bruxism. Mouth guards are custom devices that keep your upper and lower teeth from making contact while you sleep. Most patients wear a mouth guard only at night, but it may be necessary to wear the device round the clock if the condition is severe.

Medications like muscle relaxants help relieve pain, tension and soreness. Medications also help manage migraines and tension headaches. If stress is causing teeth grinding, Dr. Larsen recommends techniques to help you relax. This may include anything from meditation to stretching exercises. Surgery is only considered as a last resort, and if there is still significant pain after months of nonsurgical treatment.

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