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The Permanent Power of an Implant

We talk a lot about implants in our office. Our patients hear us talking about successes and lives changed from the use of dental implants because it makes us so happy to be able to implement this type of dentistry! A dental implant has a lot of things going for it. It is comfortable, it […]

The Three Cs of Loving Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontics are a fantastic way for our patients to get straighter, healthier teeth in a matter of months. On top of that, they take everything you thought you knew about orthodontics and turn it around. All the things you hated about traditional wire braces are gone with the use of Invisalign. Our patients are […]

An OSA Solution That Gets Everyone More Sleep

If you are struggling with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), chances are pretty good that you’re not the only one in your house who is losing sleep at night! The most obvious signs of OSA are loud snoring and interrupted breathing, both of which can cause your sleeping partner to lose sleep during the night. When […]

Root Canals Save Teeth!

Of all the dental procedures we do, one has ended up with the worst reputation of them all! Through movies, songs, and all sorts of media, the root canal is a feared dental procedure. Just hearing the name might make you start to shiver! With all of this bad publicity, the root canal is still […]

Inconspicuous Orthodontics

Our patients want great dental care, but they want great dental care that doesn’t draw attention to itself. You probably want to improve your smile, but you don’t want everyone to know that you’re improving your smile, right? If you have a crooked, gapped, or crowded smile this is especially true because when you think […]

Get a Filling, Not a Black Hole

Chances are pretty good that when you open your mouth to yawn, there are already some fillings that you wish you could have done again. You want a restoration for your cavity, not something that will draw the attention of everyone who has a view of your mouth! When you step into our office, you […]