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Million Dollar Smile

My experience with Zoom! Teeth Whitening By Allyson, of Alpine, Utah When you want the best smile in the state, you head to Dr Garon Larsen, DDS, or so I’d heard. I’d even seen some of Dr Larsen’s work and thought the resulting smiles were beautiful. I wanted to have one of them. Years ago, […]

The Weird Things Causing Your Dental Problems

“Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning,” according to Harvard psychiatrist John Ratey. What he is not saying, however, is that running and endurance sports can also wreak havoc on your teeth. Local dentists reveal that some surprising things, including running, may to […]

A Second Round of Cavity Risk

When we think of a cavity risk, our minds automatically shift to children eating candy and not brushing their teeth. We hit a stage of low risk as young adults and start to think that our teeth are invincible from decay. You might rest in that comfort for a while, but you will soon discover […]

How Do I Know If I’m Grinding My Teeth?

Bruxism Diagnosis and Treatment in Utah County Most people don’t realize it, but grinding or clenching teeth is common. In fact, many people who clench or grind their teeth don’t even realize they do it. Clenching: Holding the teeth together and tightening the jaw muscles. Grinding (bruxism): Moving the jaw with the teeth held together. […]

Options for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become such a common dental procedure that it’s really easy to go out there and choose one method that will suit your goal and budget. From simple whitening toothpastes to strips, gels, and custom trays, you can whiten your teeth at different shades and achieve that beautiful, bright glow you’ve always wanted. […]

Protect Your Teeth with Dental Sealants

Who would have thought that munching and chewing can actually prevent tooth decay? That is, if you are munching and chewing on fruits and vegetables and not on high-sugar cookies and cakes. As it turns out, healthy food like carrots, apples, celery do not only keep unwanted pounds off, they also help clean away sticky […]