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The Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

You need some more toothpaste, and you’re in the store, standing in front of a host of options. There is “whitening” toothpaste, other kinds that mention fluoride, others that mention tartar control, and still more that say they’re made for “sensitive teeth.” But all of these characteristics are good right? So what do you choose? […]

Use It Or Lose It

Are you wasting the dental benefits you’ve already paid for in 2016? Paying for healthcare can seem confusing and wasteful. Premiums, deductibles and exceptions can make the head spin. But the end of the year is coming, which means it’s time to make sure that you’ve used the benefits you’ve already paid for. Do you […]

From Dull to Stunning: The Beauty of Veneers

We’ve all gotten so caught up in the rush of life that certain things are forgotten and neglected. When we finally do have a second to notice, we wonder, “how did things get like this?” It happens to our houses, cars, yards, waist lines, and our smile. As adults, we’re pretty good about brushing and […]

Seal Out Problems With Dental Sealants

We’ve come up with lots of great ways to protect ourselves and our kids. We have seatbelts, helmets, pads, and a thousand other things to make sure injury doesn’t occur. It turns of dental science has come up with an awesome way to protect our teeth as well: dental sealants. This is a relief to […]

A Practical Solution to Sleep Apnea

Leaving behind the status quo CPAP machines for a more comfortable, modern treatment that gets you sleeping again Do you ever wake up feeling like you haven’t really slept that much? For millions of people, that is exactly the case! For the unfortunate people who suffer from sleep apnea, a collapse of tissue in the […]